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The economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has brought out the best in Greenly's people. Our energy is focused on identifying companies that deserve to survive the crisis but through no fault of their own, find then themselves caught out. Did any company's Risk Register include a total UK lock down as a black swan event? 

We provide help and expertise in the form of leadership support by hands-on economic survival specialists. This support can be backed by the investment of hard cash. If a business does not survive the recession, it will not ever thrive and re-employ people in the medium term. Now more than ever, 'Cash is King'.

If your business was financially sound pre-lock down, we will try to help. We will start by deploying our Triage process which validates your business against Greenly's 'deserve-to- survive' criteria. If your business passes this test, we will create a tailor-made financial survival package. We will work with you to revise your strategic plan, review your value proposition and find the most efficient way to strengthen your balance sheet. From experience we know that crises produce opportunities for those with the will to adapt.

The Greenly's Triage process is carried out at no cost to you

The core of the current Greenly's team has been established for more than twenty years and was battle hardened during the recession created by the banking crisis of 2007/08. Now, the whole world has been paralysed by the same enemy. The current recession will be different, probably longer and almost certainly much worse. 

To our existing cadre of people, we are adding business specialisms that we consider to be vital to help companies adapt to the present situation. These specialisms include marketing, leadership development, IT optimisation and particularly relevant now, how to keep mentally healthy and balanced. Some of this expertise is kept in-house and some is provided by our advisory board who, like us, focus on providing services to the SME marketplace. They have pivoted their services to suit the needs of today.

In 2020 Greenly's has... more people, more energy, more capital and an abundance of know how

We are 'at your service'.

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Our Advisory Board


Paul MorganManaging Director and Founder Warrens Office
Caroline NotcuttDirector, shareholder and Chair of the Family Council of Notcutts Group Limited
Peter HoneyFounder and Owner Peter Honey Publications
Jon GiffordFounder and Chief Executive Griffon Hovercraft Ltd
Paul MorganManaging Director and Founder Warrens Office

Simon Greenly has been instrumental in creating a realistic longer term plan for the business which we are now implementing as a team. He has been round the block a few times and this experience shows through. There have been a number of occasions where his previous experience in parallel situations has proved to be invaluable. For instance, he has also made a significant contribution to the successful bedding down of an acquisition we made of a competitor. The relatively easy bit is making the acquisition. Much more onerous is making a success of the business afterwards and growing shareholder value. This is where his help, direction and sage counsel has proved so relevant.

Simon worked with Paul and his late father from 2006 until 2011

Caroline NotcuttDirector, shareholder and Chair of the Family Council of Notcutts Group Limited

Probably the best money I have ever spent.

Simon worked with Caroline and her family from 2011 until 2016

Peter HoneyFounder and Owner Peter Honey Publications

He initiated many commercially sound ideas which have proved to be winners. He was always brilliant at focusing on the things that really mattered and showed great tenacity of purpose in seeing something through to a conclusion. As a business adviser, his actions were always based on sound principles with 'doing what's right for the business' and 'experimenting in order to learn' being conspicuous examples. He was resolute and brave in making some tough decisions that put the company on sound, sustainable footing.

Simon exhibited two parallel talents; an intimate understanding of financial matters and what makes a business tick with a deep appreciation of peoples' motivations and feelings. In my experience, this is a rare example of multiple intelligences emanating from one man to the benefit of all concerned.

Simon worked with Peter from 2000 until 2002 and again in 2010 to sell the business to an AIM listed company. This company was subsequently bought by Pearson, the multinational learning company.

Jon GiffordFounder and Chief Executive Griffon Hovercraft Ltd

I was first introduced to Greenly's by a local accountant that I knew well, as I was coming to the conclusion that my family founded and owned business would thrive better with easier access to larger financial resources. In a resource hungry manufacturing business with large potential export markets, cash is difficult to accumulate organically and we can now see what happens to companies who over extend themselves at the bank.

Two years later, the business is thriving under new ownership, sales are expanding and the ability of the expanded team to manufacture world class marine hovercraft is greatly increased. The family is extremely happy with this outcome. I feel that the company my father started and I developed into a British engineering company of which we are immensely proud, will now achieve really significant critical mass, particularly in vital export markets.

To note, almost immediately an order was received from India for £36 million, an order that the original company would not have been able to finance.

Simon acted as chairman from 2008 until 2009 preparing the company for its successful merger.

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